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My educational background is in business consulting coupled with a wide range of work experience. I have worked in IT for nearly two decades with much of that as the IT Director . As a relatively small shop with fewer than 2000 users, I touched everything including deploying, managing, and maintaining the wired and wireless networks including nearly all LAN and WAN construction and maintenance- basically everything from layer one to seven in the OSI model. My duties also included server, PC, and VoIP deployment, maintenance and support, web design, SaaS management, and a vast array of data management. Add to that office duties such as strategic planning, budgeting, evaluating and purchasing, cost-benefit, ROI, and SWOT analyses, and lots of hoop jumping.


While working as IT Director, I also worked on a water project as a field tech for self-contained time lapse cameras for almost half that time. Maintaining the cameras included troubleshooting, basic electronics, and solar power. Mostly it involved a lot of problem solving a thinking outside of the box. 

In addition, I also have experience in food and beverage and hospitality, general construction, landscaping, graphic design, music and video production, photography, and print services on several types of media. I have operated heavy equipment, driven a range of vehicles on land, sea, and air, and can back a six-and-a-half foot wide trailer into a seven foot wide garage bay!

I've been on Search and Rescue, directed youth outdoor programs, been a whitewater raft guide and a fly fishing guide. I've been a safety specialist and an efficiency expert. I've managed a ranch and built retail space.

I have been fortunate enough to have been presented with a myriad of opportunities and I seized on many of them. I was certainly more successful at some than others, but the experiences themselves were invaluable both professionally and personally.

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